Castiel’s Angels Need Your Help!

Hope Be Help

From the Website: “Locally, nationally and internationally, Castiel’s Angels is a team willing to help those in need! We are not only raising money for Always Keep Fighting, Random Acts of Kindness, and the You Are Not Alone campaign, but we strive to make a difference in the world.”

We came across this amazing group on Twitter and want to help spread the word about the great work they are trying to do. They have teams in several states including Nevada, Utah, Mississippi, Tennessee, and they are now recruiting for California!

Random Fandom Life creator Kearson Mary Albrecht is the California Team Leader!

If you live in California and want to be a part of the FUNdraising activities, come join us!

California Team Narrow

Like Castiel’s Angels on Facebook HERE to get the scoop on all of Castiel’s Angels activities. Then contact Kearson to be added to the California Team page on Facebook to help with events.

Not a Facebook user? You can contact Castiel’s Angels on Twitter HERE and Kearson on her personal Twitter HERE or on the Random Fandom Life account HERE.

There is a laundry list of fundraising ideas on the docket, but we are always open to more! Show the world your SPN Family Values and let’s make the world a better place one awesome event at a time!


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