Giveaway: “Family Don’t End With Blood”

Here at Random Fandom Life, we support all types and genres of fandom. We believe anything that brings people together and inspires them to love each other and make a difference in the world is something to be celebrated. We also believe that anything that helps people to help themselves is something that should be shared.

It is because of those beliefs that we are going to be doing a giveaway of Lynn S. Zubernis’s new book Family Don’t End With Blood. It is full of the uplifting words that so many of us need in our lives. You are not alone. Always keep fighting. Love yourself first. Family don’t end with blood. Everyone should have a copy of this book, but while we cannot give one to every person in the world, we can start with bringing some light and love to five lucky Twitter followers.

Come follow us on Twitter @RandomFandomLyf and tweet us with #RFLBecause and tell us why fandom family is important to you. Or tell us why you need some fandom family love in your life. On June 10th we will choose five random tweets from our followers to receive a free copy of Family Don’t End With Blood. Come share the love!



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