“What the Chuck, Chuck?” An analysis of Chuck/God by Kirby Rosser

This blog post is pulled from a Facebook post by Kirby Rosser, founder of the Facebook group WeAreSPNFamily. We found it to be a great analysis of the arc of the character Chuck/God and figured you would enjoy it as well. Thanks, Kirby, for letting us snag your genius!


So this post is my answer to a post made by another group member on the topic of Chuck and his actions in the first episode we see him in. I thought it would be kinder of me to not add this ridiculously long post to the comment section!

Here is what her post said, “So…in The Monster at the End of this Book Chuck doesn’t believe that Sam and Dean are Sam and Dean even though he’s been having visions of Sam and Dean for possibly about four years. He also wrote a good chunk of the episode before it happened. Even if he was God playing the role of Chuck at the time, how do you explain not recognizing the guys who’ve been living in your head long enough to write nearly four seasons worth of books? What the Chuck, Chuck?”

So the second I saw this post I knew I was gonna have to comment and I knew it was gonna be a long one; it’s worth it trust me. As someone who has been watching the show since day 1 and who was watching all the behind the scenes stuff that was posted online at the time, all the panels, reading all the magazines (yes they had magazines going from s3-s7), reading the companion books for each season, etc. I can answer this question was 100% confidence.

Let’s first deal with the first episode that Chuck appears in which is the episode being referred to here. Season 4 Episode 18 “Monster at the end of the book”. Thank the beloved Robbie Thompson for writing the much later episode in season 11 “Don’t Call Me Shurley” for our simple yet sometimes annoying answer. So right after Chuck reveals to Metatron that he is God this piece of dialogue happens:

METATRON: Why did you put on the Chuck suit in the first place? How did that make any sense to you?

CHUCK: I like front row seats. You know, I figured I’d hide out in plain sight. You know, plus, you know, acting is fun.

METATRON: Well… it’s an Oscar-worthy performance.

So this is the first comment by Metatron that really gives us an idea that Chuck aka God really liked hiding in plain sight and that because he was God he was really good at it. Later we get another comment from Metatron about the writing of Chuck’s new book and he says once again about him pretending to be the prophet Chuck;

METATRON: (Annoyed.) Oh. (Groans) You know what?! No. That is not G-O-D talking. That’s Chuck talking. And I get it – when you were on Earth, you had to go full method. Well, it’s time for you to get back into character.

This can answer the questions and points you are bringing to light. God was method acting, which means he was going to play the part of the prophet Chuck as if he was an actual prophet of the lord. What we as the viewer need to do with this information, and should always do when watching any program or film, is make sure we are watching it from the correct Point of View. The Point of view that we are viewing the season 4 episode from is from Sam and Deans point of view. They would not be inside Chuck’s head nor would they have previous knowledge that would allow them to suggest that Chuck himself was actually God. So we as the viewer have to make sure we are not viewing something from the wrong POV or we see errors that do not actually exist.

But let’s take a step back in history, 7 years back actually. Let’s go all the way back to the 2010 San Diego Comic Con Panel that had in attendance: Sera Gamble, Eric Kripke, Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, Misha Collins, Jim Beaver, and Ben Edlund. This is by far my favorite panel for Supernatural, I highly recommend it because you get to see how amazing Kripke is.

Anyway the question was asked (I am typing this up from watching the video and crating my own transcription for y’all)

Moderator: “Let’s get metaphysical for a second. Was the prophet Chuck really God? Because if so that means God attended a Supernatural fan convention, which is pretty cool.”(laughter from entire panel)

Kripke: I’ll field that one. Uhm… were not gonna give an answer. It’s completely open to interpretation. We very very intentionally did not want a character to come out at the end and say, ‘ AND THAT’S BECAUSE IM GOD!’(Kripke does a melodramatic deep voice) (Panel cracks up and Jensen does a funny calm slamming fist down on table mouth ‘dang while smiling) Because we felt like, you just wanted it to be, that’s like douchy up play, that’s like M. night douchy of a love letter. (The crowd is cheering and Jared is laughing his ass off) But there are people sitting here going but if Chuck was God, and we are not saying whether he was or not, well that means that the writer was God and isn’t that the definition of M. Night douchy. (Jared really losing his shit) And my response is like ‘yeah but if he is God, this God is banging whores. (At this point both Jared and Jensen are just laughing and shaking their heads) So that kinda takes the curse out of it.”

*For those that do not know who Kripke is referring to; allow me to explain. M. Night or better known as M. Night Shyamalan is a well-known film director, writer and producer who decided to find a way to stick himself into every film he did. You would never see his face, but he would play some small part. Now the director is not as good as he used to be, but a lot of people in the business looked at that as being pretentious and stupid. So that is why Kripke kept saying ‘M. Night douchy.

So back in 2010 even Kripke wouldn’t give a yes or no answer, although it was later stated by a writer I cannot recall and do not want to give out false information that when the episode Swan song was being written Kripke told them that they could do whatever they wanted with Chuck as long as he did not come out and say he was God. So there is the use of symbolism with the changing of his shirt to white, his narrative, and them him disappearing that gives the audience the impression that he was indeed God.

Link to video from comments taken above( start at 18:30 for just this segment; but I recomment the entire thing!_: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=47LOFuk0c3c&t=1175s

But you are correct in one of your points that the concept of Chuck was not created to lead up to him being God; basically the same thing that happened with the Trickster/Gabriel. That was never the game plan. Sera Gamble pitched the idea of a prophet to the writers and they loved it, they liked going meta again and Chuck was born. I believe that while they were writing that episode they saw a future with Chuck and where that future could go which leads me to believe that by his second appearance, which was the season 4 finale the writers were already beginning to create the idea that he was God.

But we are still leaving out another key person’s point of view; Rob Benedict. For years after Swan Song aired he was asked at every convention ‘ was Chuck God?’ and while Richard would pump up the crowd with a yes, I rather enjoyed Rob’s answer. This answer was taken from a solo panel that Rob did back in 2010 so right after season 5.

Rob: “My personal take on it is that Chuck is Eric(Kripke). And Eric is God is God of Supernatural. And so, right, he created the show. In the show Chuck, Chuck is the creator of the show in that world. And Eric stepped down after last year, after last season so I think he sorta took himself out of it in the end. I think that was his Swan song. So he wrote those amazing words, I mean that voice over stuff in the last episode, and then poof he is gone. So that is my own interpretation of it. ( He goes off and talks about some more stuff, but comes back to the main point) And I do know also that I’m not back yet next season but I think that he’s just, he wants to wait for the right time. I think I will be back, it’s just a matter of once your God, you can’t really like you know, ‘ Hey what’s up guys! I’m just talking to some hookers on the phone. Oh I’m God!’. That would just make it really cheese wiz, so they just want to make it special.”
Link for quote taken above:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FC2OQQeESeg

Later on in 2015 at JIBCON 6 during Rob’s panel with Jim Beaver he talks a little more about how he actually read the script “Swan Song” and how the crew clued him in. Someone asked him if he thought Chuck was God and he goes, “Yeah man!” and then goes to explain this story.

Rob: “My experience was when I read the last script at the end of season 5, I didn’t get it. And I was up there shooting the episode and one of the boom guys (the microphone guys) was like, ‘So your God, huh?’ And I was like, I’m God? I had to go back to the script (mimics the panic of him re reading the script) and then Eric Kripke called me and was like, ‘yeah how does it feel to be God?’ and I was like, so that’s what it is huh; I didn’t realize it at first. And then you know he basically explained to me that he was leaving the show and that I always was an interpretation of Kripke in the show. And if you think about it in terms of Eric Kripke being the omniscient creator of Supernatural and in that sense, that’s how Chuck is God. So when I came back in the 200th episode, I think it’s a little bit like Chuck’s (Kripke) watching. And it was a nod to the fans really you know to sorta say like you know not Rob Benedict but like that presence is still there. Like, yeah I’m checking it out, I know what’s up.”

Link for quote taken above: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PQWU0vz9Yks

So like Kripke said we can interpret the actions of Chuck before he was “official” deemed God in season 11. Or you can look at it the way Rob did, what Kripke told him back in season 5, and that when it comes to Supernatural we truly do not give the writers enough credit. Because with this show there is the surface level story, but if you dig just a little you are watching a completely different show filmed with so many amazing secrets and “hints” that you just gotta go WOW!


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